Expect Big Flavor from Our Tiniest Waffles.

Chef Alex and Chef Dana are also the creators of Terra Chips®, so they know a thing or two about great snacking. Their latest creation is a unique snack called Waffle Thins™. Using only premium ingredients, Julian’s turns waffles into crispy, bite-sized masterpieces. Available in sweet and savory flavors, they can only be described as irresistible and positively addictive. Made in America in real European waffle irons, you’ve never tasted anything like them.



Aged Cheddar & Parmesan
Waffle Thins™


Asiago, Rosemary & Olive Oil
Waffle Thins™


Vanilla Waffle Thins™


Meyer Lemon
Waffle Thins™ with Quinoa


“Did you know Thomas Jefferson loved waffles so much he had waffle irons shipped to Monticello from Europe? Hundreds of years later, nothing has changed. My dad insists on real Europan waffle irons to make Waffle Thins™ though he makes them here in the U S of A.”