Discover Toaster Waffles Shaped like Toast!

These whimsical creations will inspire creations of your own. Our Authentic Belgian Toaster Waffles are ready in just minutes.  Perfect for breakfast or any time of day. Just pop them in your toaster and enjoy! So versatile, you can have them alone, with toppings, as a side dish or you can use them to make a unique sandwich! Belgian-made, truly delicious!



Original Belgian Toaster Waffles


Belgian Chocolate Belgian Toaster Waffles


Whole Wheat Belgian Toaster Waffles


Granola Belgian Toaster Waffles


“In our house, we love to play with our food. And with these toaster waffles new ideas are always popping up. I’ve used them to make a hearty sandwich. And with a scoop of ice cream, they’re a great dessert. Oh and did I mention they’re super convenient?”