Europe’s Best—Baked in America

Imagine the best flavors from around Europe — ready to please guests around your table. Country style French Rolls, sweet soft Brioche (almost a pastry!), Sourdough topped with Aged Cheddar & Garlic, and, hearty Sprouted Grain. Share our fresh baked bread—from freezer to table it’s hot and ready in just 10 minutes.




Country Style French Rolls


Traditional Aged Cheddar & Garlic Sourdough Rolls


Sprouted Grain Wheat


French Style Brioche Rolls


“In my family we always have rolls. Or as I call them, ‘sauce collectors.’ When your dad’s a chef, you don’t want to leave any gravy or jus or drop of deliciousness on your plate. Plus they make awesome sandwiches especially hot from the toaster oven.”